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Open seminar/colloquium



This colloquium gives participants experiences of presentation, discussion, peer review, and chair and organisation of a conference to develop their communication ability and presentation skills required in their research and development activities. The emphasis throughout this seminar is on the ability to understand outlines, communicate contents, and discuss issues of their research across their academic field. This seminar also gives a training in summarising and reviewing documents.


  1. Participants can write a summary abstract for their own presentation.
  2. Participants can give a presentation that one can understand without the academic background.
  3. Participants can summarise a lecture note
  4. Participants can review a document logically.
  5. Participants knows the management of academic meetings and can organise them.


Presentation (40 percent of the grade) ,
Abstracts and Referee reports (40 percent of the grade) and
Activity of the class (including discussion, contribution for lecture meeting/symposium) (20 percent of the grade) for Objectives of this course.


  • We have a colloquium with one or two long presentation


  • Participants should review the contents of presentation-related classes on bachelor course of the university.
  • Participants need to summarise their own graduate works.
  • Participants are hoped to hold a consultation with their teachers about their presentation.
  • Speakers have to prepare an abstract and send it to the chair-person and rewrite the abstract on demand of reviewers.
  • The chair-person have to arrange the procedure of peer-review of abstracts and send the abstract to reviewers.
  • Reviewers have to read the abstract and give some comments.
  • In the case of the lecture meeting or symposium, preparation of the class depends on charge.


  • Discussion in the classroom is the most important part of this class, so presence of the class indispensable.
  • We employ 'Presentation' and 'Peer-review' as the tools of the active-learning.
  • Feedback for presentation and abstract is given in the class there and then, Feedback for peer-review reports is given as occasion demands in the class.
  • We provide reasonable consideration based on guidelines for students with disabilities at Okayama University of Science. When you need some consideration, please contact us in advance.


This field in written in Japanese for convenience of Japanese student. Students from abroad are recommended to talk with advisers.


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